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Hi, I'm Craigdb. I was introduced to Minecraft in it Beta version of 1.6 and simply loved the concept of the game, but with the exhibitionist nature of the building aspect and my network background, I never really spent much time in single player mode. Instead I started a multiplayer world and invited my friends. Once I introduced bukkit and realised we could assist in controlling player abuse, we decided to open up for anyone to join.

Right from the start, I always appreciated the survival style of Minecraft and always wanted to preserve that spirit.

With the release of 1.0, we raised the bar on the gaming experience. A bukkit powered server still, and plugins that provide a rewarding survival game but also allows for creative play through an economy system and shops to buy the building tools you require. This does not mean creative mode access. It gives you what you need to create your structures without having to mine, yet maintains the fundamental survival nature of this world. In game options to earn money allow you to play for rewards, or the donation system is available for you to purchase game money for your creative inspirations. We are not trying to force you to pay, but rather a chance for players to enjoy the creative experience without compromising the survival ethic of the game too much.
With running costs I do appreciate donations and reward contributions.

PVP is enabled for arena's (future plans), duals and all the fun those PVP players want to experience, whilst maintaining large 'Safezones' for players who do not want to participate in PVP. Maroochycraft aims to provide a world that is fun for ALL PLAYERS.

This is a family oriented server, with players as young as 4 years and as old as 50+ playing. A strong moderation of language and behavior is enforced to ensure younger children can enjoy playing safely. The staff of Maroochycraft have their own children playing so the maintenance of this policy is paramount.

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